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Eric Johnsen

My name is Eric Johnsen. I recently returned to Utah after years of living in Pittsburgh, PA. During my absence I gained tremendous amounts of experience in not only my professional life but also family life. My free time is usually spent at ball games either as a fan or coach for one of my kids. I thoroughly enjoy being outside, so most outdoor activities are always welcome at my house.

I spent the past 9 years in the banking and mortgage industry taking care of my clients every need. I treat every client like family, everything I do revolves around my relationships with those I surround myself with. Since I recently returned home to Utah, I understand the emotions involved with a new mortgage! It can be an emotional roller coaster, but due to my level of experience and serving so many great people, I am able to help you through many of the feelings that go with major event in your life. So let me be your guide through this maze of conditions. I enjoy all aspects of loan process from purchase, cash out, investment or a refinance to determining what loan product is most suited to fit your specific needs.

With me at your side I will take you from start to finish with as much guidance and knowledge as you require. This will allow you to sit back and enjoy your special activities at your home. So click my link and allow me to treat you like family!