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Matt Cox

My name is Matt Cox. My wife and I have moved a lot in our 7 years of marriage including two years in Northern California and one year in Oxford, England. We recently moved back to Utah with our three daughters ages 4, 2 and a new born. My wife and I met while on vacation at Disneyland, so when I’m not working I’m at home playing with my girls and princess dolls or planning our next vacation to Anaheim. While in Oxford I obtained a MA in history with the intent to also obtain a PhD to become a professor. I love to teach and help other people grow.

That plan has been put on hold while I embark on the new challenge of helping others buy the home of their dreams. To me the most important part of a loan officer’s job is educating borrower’s and helping you understand every step of the process. I started in the industry as a loan processor where I learned guidelines and what makes an underwriter happy, so your loan will get approved. I look forward to helping you understand the steps to buying a house and how you can prepare for home ownership.