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Mike Yancey


My name is Mike Yancey. Upon entering the mortgage industry in 1997, I chose to specialize in helping homeowners with less than perfect credit, quickly becoming one of the most trusted experts in my field, and excelling to manager within 2 years of entering the industry. Over the last 20 years, continued quest for excellence has driven me to become one of the mortgage industry’s leading loan officers. This has provided me the opportunity to help assist over 2000+ families and have funded in excess of over $250 million in loans.

Through my experience as a Senior Loan Officer, Manager, and Preferred Lender to numerous builders along the Wasatch Front, as well as his continued pursuit of education and industry information, I have acquired extensive knowledge and expertise, placing me among a very limited group of loan professionals that possess the ability, skill and experience to achieve a consistently higher than average loan approval rate.

My ambition, honest approach, and dedication to my clients and friends has allowed me to cultivate one of the most successful and top running teams around, thus allowing us to provide unparalleled service, processing and speed for our clients.

In my spare time I enjoy anything outdoors with my wife and kids as long as it’s warm. Being of Hawaiian heritage the sun is a must. Mahalo!