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Sheila Beckstrand

Walking away from the closing table knowing that my client got a great deal and great service is the most satisfying part of my job. I have been doing mortgages for over 15 years and before becoming a loan officer, I worked in the appraisal field for four years. I am a Mom of four and I know what’s like to run a household on a budget. I have my clients’ best interest at heart.

Educating my borrowers is very important to me. I want all my clients to understand the decisions they are making. After all, purchasing a home is most likely the largest purchase you will ever make.

For a successful mortgage transaction, communication is key, so I am dedicated to keeping my borrower and real estate agents current with the details of the loan process. I have a great support staff at First Colony Mortgage. Our compliance, technology, processes, and lender relations are all on the cutting edge of our industry. I would be happy to answer any questions you might have and I will always strive to make your mortgage experience pain free. I promise to provide integrity and experience you can count on.