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Reverse Mortgage

Loan terms: Fixed, Adjustable
Loan types: Purchase, Refinance
Interest Rate Types:
Property Type: Primary Residence

This is an FHA insured loan. A reverse mortgage allows those who are at least 62 years of age, or older, to pay off a forward mortgage or use equity in their home for other purposes. In general terms, a borrower needs at least 40 to 50% equity in their home to qualify. Those who qualify can get a lump sum of cash, a monthly income, a line-of-credit, or a combination of those things. Owners retain title to the property. No repayment is required as long as the borrower lives in the property. In the event of death, heirs are responsible to pay off the lower of the loan balance or sales price of the home.

  • Available to seniors age 62 or older
  • No out-of-pocket expense
  • Use funds to pay off debt or schedule monthly income
  • Can be  used for purchase of a home in some circumstances

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